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"The Smithtown Center for Performing Art's production is high-velocity direction, brilliantly mounted by Danny Gorman even as he doubles as choreographer. Wearing these two hats would be an exhausting task, but Gorman gets blocking and interpretation right and on target on this widely expanded stage both vertically and horizontally designed by Tim Golebiewski. It was mirabile visu to see it all come out to executed perfection."

 - The Times Beacon Record


"Director Danny Gorman of the Smithtown Performing Arts Center has splendidly put together an impressive cast to present this timeless, relevant story based on the memoirs of Maria Augusta Trapp."

"Direction was by Danny Gorman, and his skill is evidence of his past successes in AnnieThe Marvelous Wonderettes and many more. If a one-set show requires intense attention to detail, a unit set requires more. Gorman did it with palpable artistic efficiency....This crew was coached and disciplined to a mit Schlag."

The Times Beacon Record


Between Makowski and Gorman, a small, neat little word has been created in the underground theatre known as The Paradise Factory...a semi-experimental piece of gay theatre that surprises, entertains, and leaves you wanting more."

- OnStage


"Danny Gorman directed the play with its non-naturalistic layout and the boards looking like a gridiron. He beat the nemesis of small-cast talkiness and stasis with skillful blocking, moving the cast with the aid of Chris Creevy's lighting. He brought off an interlocking interpretation."

- The Times Beacon Record


"The Marvelous Wonderettes is a sugary treat. Snappily directed by Danny Gorman - too young to recall either era - [it] cajoles with light-soap backstories."


In the ensembles, the four are keenly directed by what has to be the surest of directorial hands of Danny Gorman...In a show with only four characters, diversity, to say the least, is obligatory in cohesion and above all variety of storytelling. Gorman met this challenge admirably. He must have had his hands full with the jejune staging sometimes linked with wackiness, but here again results were magnificent.

- The Times Beacon Record

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