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About Danny

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Photo by Eddie Maldonado

In the 8th grade, as a last ditch effort to avoid humiliation at baseball tryouts, Danny auditioned for his middle school production of My Fair Lady. He was cast as Henry Higgins opposite an Eliza Doolittle a foot taller than him. The show performed for an enthusiastic - if baffled - audience in the school's cafe-gym-atorium. Though frequently reprimanded during the rehearsal process for eating the props, his love of theatre was born on that little stage.


Since then, Danny has worked as a director and theatre arts educator throughout the United States and abroad. He is a graduate of New York University, and holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Directing from the esteemed Actors Studio Drama School in New York City, under the guidance of Dean Emeritus James Lipton. 


Skilled in styles and genres ranging from musical spectacle to intricate dramas, Danny's directing aesthetic is driven by an insatiable need to tell stories. He works with specificity and finesse to give a fresh voice to the work, believing fully that the truthfulness of storytelling is born out of the details. He encourages a safe and experimental rehearsal process and honors the sacredness of the actors' work. Together with his casts and collaborators, Danny strives to create art that is poignant, visceral, and evocative.

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